On this World CLL Day, under the hashtags #WCLLD23 #WithTeamCLL and #MentalHealth we focus on the mental health challenges of those living with CLL. Due to a high degree of uncertainty given the challenging nature of the disease, mental health issues and the impact of living with a chronic condition such as CLL are very real. We want to spot a light on the challenges that CLL patients encounter during the full pathway of their disease – these are particularly high during Active Monitoring (“Watch & Wait”). Living with the immune challenges of CLL can also add emotional and psychological distress.

Alongside appropriate care, having access to reliable resources and connecting with others can help patients live better with this chronic, incurable cancer. On this #WCLLD23 we make a stand for not leaving patients alone with mental health issues – no one should have to walk alone!

CLL patients need support, information and connection.

With CLL being the most common leukemia in adults and with that “the number one”, celebrating World CLL Day on the first day of Blood Cancer Awareness Month and – by that – kicking off this international month of activities that has been helping to tell the story of blood cancer each September, is of great symbolic value. World CLL Day also helps build momentum towards other major event involving the CLL community on World Leukemia Day (4 September), World Lymphoma Awareness Day (15 September) and many other activities during the month of September.