On 1 September 2021, the CLL community is launching World CLL Day to give those affected by a diagnosis of CLL a much needed voice, raise awareness and improve understanding of the challenges involved in living with CLL. It is the opportunity to come together and raise awareness about the vulnerability of CLL patients and other immune compromised people during the pandemic.

With CLL being the most common leukemia in adults and with that “the number one”, celebrating World CLL Day on the first day of Blood Cancer Awareness Month and – by that – kicking off this international event that has been helping to tell the story of blood cancer each September, is of great symbolic value. World CLL Day will furthermore help build momentum towards other major event involving the CLL community on World Leukaemia Day (4 September), World Lymphoma Awareness Day (15 September) and many other activities during the month of September.

In 2021 we are marking this date in our calendars for the very first time. On this first World CLL Day, we wish to send a message of THANKS to those with healthy immunities for protecting our community. During the COVID-19 pandemic many people experienced isolation, fear and the difficulty of keeping safe – an insight into the life of a CLL patient.

The umbrella, a form of shield, is chosen as the central campaign image. You can hold it over someone else, emphasising the aspect of proactive choice to protect others.