Quick Guide: What to do in the lead-up to WCLLD 2022

Update your Twitter & Facebook account with the #WCLLD22 Head Banner

Twitter account head banner

Facebook account head banner

Add the #WCLLD22 Twibbon to your profile picture

Support World CLL Day 2022 campaign by adding Twibbon to your Twitter and Facebook profile picture.

A Twibbon is a small image that you can overlay onto your Twitter or Facebook profile picture in order to support WCLLD22 campaign.

Click on the button below and follow the instructions to add your Twibbon:

Share your selfie using the #WCLLD22 Selfie Frame

Take a picture with your umbrella to get on board with our community and show your support! Share your picture on your favourite Social Media using the hashtags:

#WCLLD22 #getonboard #withteamCLL

You have two options to add the WCLLD selfie frame to your picture: 

OPTION 1: Use any capable photo editor of your choice to insert your photo to the selfie frame that you can download by clicking on the button below. Then export the newly edited photo.

OPTION 2: Edit your photo directly in Canva by clicking on the button below: 

Personalize your favourite #WCLLD22 visual

Pick your favourite visual from the set of editable #WCLLD22 assets and add your individual text and logo. You can choose between different assets, designs and formats. Make a statement by sharing your personalized visual on your favourite Social Media using the hashtags:

#WCLLD22 #getonboard #withteamCLL

Refer to the “editable assets” section under each set of visuals (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and follow the instructions.  

Share your story!


You have a powerful story to share. Raise awareness of what it is like to live with CLL. Share your story in the lead-up to and on World CLL Day – 1st of September posting directly on your favourite Social Media using the hashtags:

#WCLLD22 #getonboard #withteamCLL

Promote #WCLLD22 on Social Media

Incorporate the WCLLD22 campaign posts into your own communications plan.

Click on the top left button to access the posts in the lead-up to World CLL Day on 1 September incl. visuals.

Click on the right button to access the posts for the actual day.

Spread the word!

Let patients, your clinical community, stakeholders and your network know about World CLL Day!