On 1st of September the CLL community is launching World CLL Day to give those affected by a diagnosis of CLL a much needed voice, raise awareness and improve understanding of the challenges involved in living with CLL. This is an opportunity to come together and raise awareness about the vulnerability of CLL patients and other immune compromised people during the pandemic.

Prior to World CLL Day, we are collecting brief quotes to allow patients and carers express what it´s like to live with CLL in this current pandemic. These quotes will be shared on the dedicated website and Social Media as part of the campaign communications. We would appreciate if you could share your voice and submit your quote and a picture (optional)!

This is the opportunity to make yourself heard!

Tell us what you would like others to know, for example:

    • What it´s like to live with CLL in this current pandemic situation?
    • How important is other people´s immunity to you as a CLL patient or carer?

    If you like, you can also submit a photo of yourself.

    Here are two examples of how quotes and pictures will be used:

      * Mandatory field

      With my permission, I am aware that any photos of me may be used in the following online media:
      • Internet pages associated with the World CLL Day campaign
      • Online publications
      • Online brochures, flyers, posters
      • Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram and all other social media sites associated with the campaign and its initiators.

      If I wish to retract my permission, I will immediately contact the initiators of the campaign at info@clladvocates.net in writing.